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Our Story Grown from the ground up

Since day one, our mission has been to bring the transformative power of mycelium, or mushroom roots, above ground and into our food system. The result? A versatile culinary ingredient that's packed with nutrients and light on the planet. Today, our mycelium technology is at the heart of a healthier, more equitable, and circular way to nourish the world's population.

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The Process Modeled after Mother Nature

First, we select the ideal mushroom from 2300+ edible species based on how it grows, feels, and tastes. Next, we ferment its mycelium in a liquid environment that mirrors the fertility of natural soil. In just a few days, the mycelium is ready to be infused with locally sourced seasonings and tailored to regional tastes. Nature doesn't use unnecessary ingredients. Neither do we.

How it works

can be

Our Products It's not a replacement, it's a revolution

We're out to prove that healthy eating, sustainable food production, and consumer choice can be brought into harmony. With mycelium as the hero ingredient, our products are rich in protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals while delivering the savory umami of your favorite foods. From everyday meals to fine dining, everything's on the menu.

Green Growth Feeding the world without eating up the planet

We cultivate our mycelium in space-saving fermentation tanks using natural side streams like brewers’ spent grain (a by-product of the beer industry). This highly efficient method uses way fewer resources to yield way more food than animal or soy ingredients. Primed to scale, we're at the forefront of a sustainable food category that has realized only a fraction of its potential.


More efficient land use per kg of protein than cattle


More efficient water use per kg of protein than cattle

30 x

Higher production efficiency:
Mycelium vs. Soy

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At Infinite Roots®, we offer the opportunity to be a catalyst for change. Join us in forging the future of sustainable food.

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