The future of food,
rooted in nature

Our food system is broken

The way we produce and consume food is neither sustainable nor equitable. Our planet is exploited, a third of all food goes to waste, and billions are starving.

Following nature’s lead, we see a healthier way to feed the world’s population.

The solution is right

under our feet

Thanks to mycelium, or mushroom roots, our soil has been home to the world’s most circular food system for much longer than we’ve been around.

One ingredient. Infinite possibilities.

At Infinite Roots®, we grow and harvest mycelium as a versatile ingredient for planet-friendly meals.

Mycelium uses way fewer resources to yield way more food than animal or soy ingredients – without the need for vast land.

Packed with nutrients, it has all the savory umami you love about your favourite foods.

It’s not a replacement, it’s a revolution

Infinite Roots® (formerly Mushlabs) is a biotech company from Hamburg, Germany. We tackle one of the world’s biggest challenges with a single, microscopic solution: Mycelium. Our team comprises more than 60 individuals from 25 diverse nationalities, with 55% of them being female and 10 holding PhDs. Together, we share a common mission: to cultivate food in a way that sustains our planet and addresses the needs of its expanding population.

Game-changers wanted

Wildly Creative

We’re pioneering a new food category with unlimited possibilities, from enhancing food security to starring in the kitchens of top chefs. One thing that can be almost anything.

Naturally Pure

Why mess with a perfect thing? Our blueprint is Mother Earth, whose solutions have been validated for hundreds of millions of years. Nature doesn’t use unnecessary ingredients. Neither do we.

Planet Positive

We believe in the harmony of all things and are committed to business practices that benefit the environmental, social, and economic systems of which we’re a part. That means letting nature do its thing while we do ours.

Sustainability Report

Discover our latest sustainability efforts, achievements, and future goals in our 2023 Sustainability Report. Download it here to see how we're making a positive impact.

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