Partnering with Pulmuone to Pioneer Plant-Based Proteins in South Korea

What do you get when you combine state-of-the-art mycelium technology, innovative product development, and market savvy? A recipe for success that delights the palates of South Korean consumers.

At Infinite Roots, we’re all about teaming up to make big things happen. Which is why we’re thrilled about our ongoing collaboration with Pulmuone, a leading South Korean food manufacturer, to develop mycelium-based protein products tailored to the unique preferences of South Korean consumers. 

As we make strides in our international expansion, a cornerstone of our success lies in forging partnerships with like-minded experts in local markets. Pulmuone’s product development acumen and deep understanding of consumer preferences ensures that we’re not just entering a market but truly connecting with the hearts and tastes of the South Korean public.

Our collaboration will seek to set new standards in alternative nutrition while championing sustainability every step of the way. Together, we’re dedicated to minimizing our environmental footprint and promoting ethical sourcing practices, from using local sidestreams to deploying low-carbon production processes.

“We are very happy to join forces with a partner with such market power and an equally visionary mindset,” said Infinite Roots® founder and CEO Dr. Mazen Rizk. “This partnership is a significant step in our mission to offer sustainable and tasty nutrition options – in this case, focusing on the culinary traditions and taste preferences in South Korea.” 

The enthusiasm was shared by Pulmuone, whose CEO, Kim Jin Hong, praised the partnership as “proof of our commitment to revolutionizing the food industry and shaping a more sustainable future.”

Of course, a crucial acknowledgment is owed to our silent partner, Mother Nature. The natural properties and processes of mycelium form the foundation of our challenge to the global food industry. Mycelium is a nutrient-rich resource, containing complete protein, prebiotic fibers, vitamins, and minerals. With our patented technology and partners like Pulmuone, we’re continuing to unlock its potential to transform food production using hyperlocal solutions. 

As we navigate through the ongoing test phase, we eagerly anticipate delving into the subsequent stages of our partnership. Keep an eye out for updates.

Infinite Roots Raises $58M, Europe’s Largest Investment in Mycelium

We’ve always believed in the potential of mycelium – and now some of Europe’s biggest investors do too. Dr. Hans Riegel Holding (HRH), the EIC Fund, and REWE Group lead the Series B funding round.

Since our inception, we’ve remained steadfast in our mission to revolutionize the food industry. Now, with the backing of some of Europe’s largest investors, that vision has gained even greater momentum.

Amidst a challenging fundraising landscape, we’re thrilled to have raised $58 million USD from a diverse range of international investors. The round was led by the Dr. Hans Riegel Holding (HRH), of Haribo fame, and supported by the EIC Fund, an initiative of the European Commission aimed at making direct equity investments in highly innovative start-ups and SMEs.

Following the announcement, Svetoslava Georgieva, Chair of the EIC Fund Board, emphasized that “it is high time for consumers to be able to reconcile their appetite for good food and their willingness to act for the planet and for their health.” We are proud to bridge the gap.

Other notable backers include the German trade and tourism cooperative REWE Group, Thailand-based VC Betagro Venture, and existing investors Clay Capital, FoodLabs, Redalpine, Simon Capital and Happiness Capital. 

The largest mycelium investment in Europe

The investment marks the largest in mycelium in Europe thus far, a testament not only to our technology and expertise but also to the broader innovation taking root in the food industry. 

We are deeply encouraged by the confidence companies have shown in our technology’s capacity to revolutionize food production using edible mushroom mycelium. This reaffirms our leadership in the field and underscores our ability to attract strategic partners. Our recent partnership with Pulmuone to enter the South Korean market exemplifies this synergy.

“Rethinking food production and consumption has never been more pressing, and requires our collective efforts. We are thrilled to join forces with industry champions to establish the next generation of tasty, healthy and sustainable foods,” said Dr. Mazen Rizk, Founder and CEO of Infinite Roots®.

Mycelium: The key to sustainable nutrition

Mycelium, an infinitely versatile ingredient and the catalyst for our sustainable food revolution, is packed with essential nutrients that include complete proteins, prebiotic fibers, vitamins such as B and D, important minerals like potassium, calcium, and magnesium, as well as antioxidants and other bioactive compounds. It not only forms the foundation of our tasty and healthy products but also presents a unique third category of nutrition, distinct from traditional animal-based and plant-based options.

This latest round of funding caps off a series of significant milestones, marking the dawn of a new era of commercial growth for our company. From our corporate rebrand from Mushlabs to Infinite Roots® in November 2023 to our invitation to present our vision at COP28 in Dubai, each step forward solidifies our commitment to reshaping the future of food.


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